Sapanca Teleferik consists of two stations. Our lower station is located in Kırkpınar area, and our upper station is situated in Mahmudiye Mahallesi.

With a cable length of 1,500 meters and 36 cabins, Sapanca Teleferik offers a fast and safe travel experience with its panoramic cabins for 8 people, arriving every 19 seconds.

Both of our stations feature food and beverage areas, VIP Lounge rooms, and souvenir shops. The stations are decorated with a modern architectural style, considering the needs of our guests.

With its proximity to all major cities in the Marmara region and its stunning natural beauty, this extraordinary experience is enjoyed by guests of all ages. We welcome you to Sapanca Teleferik to explore this exceptional journey…


A Special Journey Theme…

With a cable length of 1.5 km, Sapanca Teleferik offers you a brand-new and very special experience that will make you forget all your travel habits. Accompanied by transparent cabins that allow you to see a 360-degree view, indulge in a unique journey between the sky and the earth, and enjoy comfortable transportation while having the opportunity to admire the magnificent view of Sapanca Lake in approximately 10 minutes.


Sapanca Teleferik operates with 36 cabins, each accommodating 8 people, and it has a continuously running cable car line with a Detachable Gondola system, where one cabin arrives every 20 seconds. The cabins slow down as they approach the stations, allowing passengers to easily get on and off.

Advanced Technology

Designed to operate in all weather conditions such as rain, snow, and storms, the Sapanca Teleferik system can only provide intermittent service in windy conditions. The system, which is resistant to winds up to 70 km/h, offers a safe travel experience by providing a 3-stage warning during the automatic monitoring process.


The cable car line, monitored at every stage by an automatic control system, has two technical personnel at all critical points. In case of technical issues, an “evacuation procedure” is implemented parallel to the signals of the Emergency Warning system. The electric motors on the line transfer their function to diesel motors within 3 minutes, allowing the line to advance quickly and ensuring the prompt evacuation of passengers.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Sapanca Teleferik offers “environmentally friendly transportation” with its technology gracefully integrated into nature. Great care has been taken to protect the environment and consume natural resources efficiently in every stage of construction and operation. It encompasses all the advantages of eco-friendly transportation. It keeps emissions and waste at a level that the planet can balance and reduces the consumption of natural resources.

High Carrying Capacity and Barrier-Free Access

Sapanca Teleferik has an hourly passenger capacity of 1500 people. This allows us to transport all our guests to the next station without any waiting time. As the cabins approach the stations, their speed decreases or the cabins come to a complete stop. This provides ease of access for passengers with mobility restrictions or those using wheelchairs.

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The Most Preferred Location in Sakarya with its Nature and Unique Beauty

Sapanca Teleferik Recreation Area is waiting for you to explore the beauty of Sapanca Lake, historical sites, and the breathtaking views of Sapanca. It is a perfect choice for those who want to escape the stress of the day and experience the atmosphere of Sapanca.


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