VIP Room 4 is one of the exclusive accommodation options offered at Sapanca Teleferik and offers a combination of modern elegance and comfort. This room has been carefully designed to welcome our guests with its modern decoration and high quality furniture.

The room is equipped to meet all the requirements of modern living. A comfortable bed, a spacious and cozy seating area, and features such as a widescreen TV and high-speed internet connection, complete with modern technology, are ideal for both business and leisure needs.

Elegant design details and warm color tones create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere in every corner of the room. Our guests can enjoy comfort and elegance throughout their stay.

You can get detailed information from our box office.

Services and Facilities

– Customized lunch or dinner menus
– Complimentary food and beverages
– Room service that you can use at any time
– Free internet Wi-Fi
– Comfortable seating area
– TV – Netflix

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For Detailed Information

444 6 345

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