Our Featured Services:
Family Car

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey with your family at Sapanca Teleferik? According to the regulations, under normal circumstances, cabins should accommodate 8 people; however, if you wish, you can travel privately with your family and loved ones without any other guests in the cabins.


Our Featured Services:
Fast Track

Sapanca Teleferik Fast Track service allows you to pass through specially designated checkpoints quickly and comfortably, ensuring that you have more time for yourself. Enjoy precious moments without waiting in line.

You can obtain detailed information about this exclusive service from our ticket offices.

Our Featured Services:
VIP Rooms

While bringing you together with the unique beauty of Sapanca amidst breathtaking views, we also offer exceptional services. Just like the city itself, Sapanca is a natural wonder with its distinctive traditions and beauties. Discover the magnificent Sapanca Lake and the beauty of nature with the privileged services provided at Sapanca Teleferik…

Our Featured Services:
VIP Lounge

VIP Lounge offers you not only a seating area but also a personalized experience. In our carefully designed comfortable and stylish interior, you can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of Sapanca Lake and its surrounding nature with full comfort and exclusive service.

Our Featured Services:
Brunch in the Sky

Brunch in the Sky offers a unique experience to make your weekends unforgettable. Discover the most delicious way to start the day with brunch accompanied by a stunning view of Sapanca Lake.

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